Make Money: 5 Most Interesting Music Business Careers

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When you look at the music industry, it's not just about the voice talent or talented fingers on an instrument. It is also about the people who are behind the scenes. The studio and the record label are some of the coolest parts of the trade.
Careers in the music industry can be divided into three categories: performance (i.e., being a musician), production (i.e., being a producer), and business (i.e., being an agent, promoter, or manager). The music industry is very competitive. If you are a part of this industry, you need to have an excellent product and strong network. If you do, you can achieve certain careers and the salary that comes with it.
If you have a dream to work in the music industry, these are 5 music business careers you may want to consider and how much money you can make.

Record Producers

Record Producers

Record Producers are the people who bring the artistic and technical aspects of music together. They take care of logistics and also bring in money to pay for the recording sessions. They often work in recording studios, but also with live musicians. Their role is to create recordings that are meant for commercial release or for use in visual media or advertising.

To make music, a producer must be involved in all decisions related to the creation of the recording. They choose the ideas and music to be recorded, arrange the tracks, write and play instrumental parts, engineer the recording or oversee the engineer, mix the tracks, and approve the final master.

The record producer is a team leader for everyone involved with making a recording. This could include artists, graphic designers, and marketing specialists. The record producer is affiliated with the record label and takes part in decisions about the artwork, marketing, and development of an artist’s career.

Most producers work independently. They are paid a flat fee to produce an album or song and can also receive a percentage of the royalties earned from it. The term “Record Producer” is often used interchangeably with “Music Producer,” but since it comes from a past time when producing a physical record (vinyl or CD) was the goal, some professionals choose to call themselves a “Recording Producer” instead.

It’s not hard to become a Producer if you have a passion for it. Like any craft, one has to be consistent in developing.

  • Salary Range : $41K - $105K
  • Professional Skills : To be a Record Producer it is helpful to have great attention to detail, patience, musical taste, solid, justified opinions on what constitutes good sound and great performance.

Recording Engineer

Recording Engineer

Being a recording engineer is an onerous job. But it's also a noble one. For the recording engineer, creating music is a life-long journey. The sound of the music they deal with is their life and soul. They are dedicated to the art of recording, and they don't settle for anything less than the best.
A recording engineer might work in a recording studio or as a freelancer. A freelance recording engineer must build a strong network and reputation. For example, a freelance engineer might work with many artists and producers, so they must be able to provide high-quality sound recordings, create an appealing atmosphere for the artist, and solve any technical problems that arise.

  • Salary Range : $25K – $150K
  • Professional Skills : Music recording (hardware and software), Record production, Music editing, Pro Tools, Sound/mixing boards, Broad knowledge of instruments (digital and analog),  Basic acoustics, Time management

Artist Manager

Artist managers guide every aspect of their clients' careers and serve as a buffer between them and the outside world. They schedule day-to-day routines and activities, manage professional decisions, and negotiate on behalf of their clients. Artist managers also help artists navigate music and entertainment industries.

They are not only responsible for managing the careers of their clients, but also for making sure that their artists are successful. Some of these managers even become famous in their own right, such as Jay-Z and P. Diddy.

A career as a Artist Manager is a full-time job. People who want to be Artist Managers should be passionate about their work and focused on their goals. They should be comfortable working for long hours and not sleeping enough.

You might have a difficult time finding your first artist management position. Many artists start managing their friends or other artists they know.

  • Salary Range : $30K - $400K
  • Professional Skills : Music business experience, Record industry contacts, Record production process, Music publishing, Music licensing and performing rights, Schedule management, Budgeting, Negotiation, Networking, Organizational skills, Verbal communication

Music Arranger

Music Arranger

An arranger takes a song and gives it a new feel. She decides, for example, to change the style of music or to arrange it for a different instrument.
As an arranger, you need to be able to collaborate with other people who can help you realize your vision. This is a highly collaborative art for musicians who want to work with composers, producers, and other players to reinvent existing compositions. For professional musicians, networking is a crucial skill to have.
Arrangers work with a variety of people and groups, including producers, composers, artists, and publishing companies. They also work in many different industries, including the record industry, music publishing, musical theater, live music, and film and TV.

  • Salary Range : $20K - $40K
  • Professional Skills : Deep understanding of musical styles, Reading and writing music, Music theory, DAWs and software libraries, Networking

Music Teacher

Music Teacher

A music teacher teaches students or classes in a variety of musical topics. For example, you could discuss general music, choral or voice, instrumental music, or a combination of these.
We are living in the age of digital education. The music industry is changing rapidly. Music teachers have an incredible opportunity to engage with students using new tools such as online classes, interactive learning methods and live video lessons.

  • Salary Range : $30K - $70K
  • Professional Skills : Music performance, Broad knowledge of instruments,  Music theory, Reading and writing music notation, Music history, Conducting, Piano, Written and verbal communication, Organization,Public speaking