10 Creative Weddings Guest Book Ideas

The guest book is one of the most important parts of your wedding. Not only does it give your guests an easy way to leave you a message on your big day, but it also gives them a chance to create something beautiful that will stand as a testament to the love and joy they felt in the moment. If you're interested in finding out about creative ways to incorporate guest books into your wedding ceremony or reception, keep reading!

Message in a Bottle

Message in A Bottle Wedding Guest Book

Message in a bottle is a creative alternative to traditional guest book. It can be used as a signature for your guests, wedding favor or even decoration for your wedding reception.

You can use different types of bottles like champagne, wine, soda and more. You can also fill the message in bottle with confetti or sand to add some color to it.

Wood Slice Guest Book

Wood Slice Guest Book

A wood slice guest book is a classic, beautiful alternative to the traditional guest book. The base of this guest book is a simple wooden slice, but it's what you do with it that makes it special. You can use paint pens to write messages or draw pictures on the front of the slice and then leave your guests to sign their names on top of their message.

Vintage Typewriter

A vintage typewriter guest book

A vintage typewriter is a great guest book alternative. You can buy a vintage typewriter on eBay, or find one in a thrift store. You could also use a vintage computer as your guest book.

This can be used as the perfect place to write down what people think of your wedding day and have it printed out for you to keep forever!

Fingerprint Guestbook

Fingerprint Guestbooks

Fingerprint Guestbooks is a unique way to add your guests’ fingerprints to your wedding day. You can use this as a guest book, as well as make it into a keepsake for you and your partner. It’s also a great idea for other special occasions such as an anniversary or birthday! A lot of couples are choosing this option nowadays because it offers something really different than traditional guest books.

Polaroid guest book

Polaroid Wedding Guest Books

A guest book with a polaroid camera is perfect for casual weddings. Guests will love the chance to leave a message and take their own photo, which can then be used as both a guest book and photo album.

This idea is popular because it’s easy to use, fun for guests, and inexpensive. The bride and groom can even get in on the action by having their picture taken with each guest!

Wine Corks Guest Book

Wine corks guest book

If you're looking for a unique alternative to the traditional guest book, wine corks can be a great way to go. There are many different ways you can use corks to make a guest book. One option is to make it into an album or photo frame. You could also create a scrapbook by using wine corks as decoration and placing photos in between them.

Jenga Guest Book

Jenga Wooden Block Guest Book

The Jenga guest book is a fun and interactive way to keep guests entertained throughout the reception. It's also one of the most memorable ways to remember your wedding! By writing messages on wooden blocks, guests can leave special notes for you on how much they love you, what an awesome couple you are, and other personal messages.

Puzzle Guest Book

Puzzle Wedding Guest Book

If you’re looking for a way to get your guests involved in the wedding, a puzzle guest book is the perfect choice. This idea is great for couples who love puzzles, or who have a sense of humor about their own wedding day.

Globe Guest Book

Globe Guest Book Wedding

Globe guest book is another great idea for your wedding. This kind of guest book will surely be memorable for years to come as it can be used as home decor or even displayed at the office.

This kind of guestbook is perfect for those who want something different than just writing in a traditional notebook or on a whiteboard. It's not only fun but also very easy to use.

Wishing Tree

wishing tree guest book

A wishing tree is a great alternative to a guest book. Guests will have fun choosing from the different ribbons and writing their messages on them, which you can then keep as a beautiful keepsake. The ribbons are often used as garlands or decorations in other areas of your wedding venue, so it's not just about collecting messages—it's about bringing energy and creativity into your big day!


In conclusion, it is important to remember that a guest book is not just designed for signatures. It’s an opportunity for your guests to leave a message or note which will be cherished long after the wedding day has passed. The alternative ideas presented in this article are sure to bring some fun and creativity into your wedding day, as well as provide you with some unique memories from your special day.